Gabrielle’s internationally acclaimed first book that takes us on a healing journey through the terrain of the body, heart, mind, soul and spirit.

Gabrielle offers the ground-breaking insights of her lifetime of teaching personal and spiritual development to guide us to our potential for ecstasy. Complete with useful, provocative and down-to-earth teachings, this book is a radical new perspective on the architecture of the soul, revealing simple yet profound methods to integrate spiritual practice into everyday life. 

Part 1: The soundtrack of Gabrielle’s DVD, The Power Wave. The music is from the album Tribe and Gabrielle’s voice-over guides you through an up-tempo, intense journey through the 5Rhythms®.

Part 2: The soundtrack of Gabrielle’s DVD, The Inner Wave. Guided by Gabrielle, this is a deep, personal and meditative journey through the 5Rhythms® set in the context of stillness.

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